Learn how to make conscious clothing choices that Fulfill your spirit, Flatter your appearance, Function for your lifestyle and Fortify you to attract your desires.

Are your clothes speaking your truth? Does every garment express your true magnificence - physically, mentally, and spiritually? Does your attire affirm your desires so that you will naturally attract them into your life?

If not, please join us for a Day of Fashion Feng Shui®, a journey of self-discovery, during which you will learn how to make conscious clothing choices that support both who you are and what you desire to be.

Throughout this fun and interactive experience, we will explore Essence (Spirit), Intention (Mind) and Appearance (Body) through the eyes of Fashion Feng Shui®'s 5 Elemental Archetypes: WATER The Philosopher, WOOD The Pioneer, FIRE The Pleasure Seeker, EARTH The Peacemaker, and METAL The Perfectionist.

We will be infusing your closet with consciousness so that getting dressed becomes a sacred ritual instead of a mundane routine. You will learn how to plan a wardrobe that Fulfills your spirit, Flatters your body, Functions for your lifestyle and Fortifies you to realize your highest potential.


"I learned so much, met interesting people and know myself better than ever. PLUS I can now go shopping at the stores that honor my essence and not waste my time shopping and not finding anything to wear."

Caryn Shaye, Santa Monica, CA

"Until Transform Your Look & Life, I struggled with how to define myself and my wardrobe preferences. Now I understand why I am attracted to certain styles and what lies beneath my decisions. To focus on energies is a profound switch and now I know how to express myself with authenticity and confidence. Thank you, Fashion Feng Shui®!"

Jane O. Smith, Washington, DC

During our time together, you will...

  • Explore Fashion Feng Shui®'s Five Elemental Archetypes, which will guide you in creating an attractive and authentic appearance.
  • Evaluate Your Essence, Identify Your Intention and Analyze Your Appearance. Learn how to dress your mind, body & spirit.
  • Choose colors, patterns, textures, fabrics and silhouettes that authentically communicate who you are and what you wish to be, do and have.
  • Discover how you can wear all 5 Elements to naturally energize your appearance.
  • Formulate a Fashion Feng Shui® Elemental Wardrobe Plan that enhances your personal energies.
  • Receive personalized Fashion Feng Shui® dressing recommendations and your own Fashion Feng Shui® Elemental Design Portfolio, which includes customized Elemental Body Colors and Wardrobe Planner Cards.

"I have found learning about Fashion Feng Shui® truly inspiring & revolutionary to the way I now see all the elements of style, color & how we dress as well as the often missing part of who we truly are and who we want to be in this world to be the best version of ourselves. Loved it! Thank you!"

Stacey Smart, Western Australia

Your Transform Your Look & Life! Registration Fee includes...

  • FASHION FENG SHUI® ~ The Power of Dressing with Intention book
  • FASHION FENG SHUI® ~ Transform Your Look & Your Life 16-page workbook
  • Customized Fashion Feng Shui® Elemental Design Portfolio featuring your 3 Elemental Body Colors Cards and 7 Elemental Archetype Cards

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