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Color Analysis

Color Analysis Finding your best color palette is quite simply the best place to start your wardrobe and image makeover. It is the compass for all the decisions you will make about what colors to wear on your body. If you have had your colors 'done' in the past, Andrea will examine your swatches for accuracy. If it's been 10 years or more since you were color analyzed, your palette has possibly changed. If you have NEVER had your colors analyzed don't wait another day. Don't skimp and don't attempt to self analyze. Finding your ideal color palette is an investment that will pay for itself over and over in mistakes avoided. The confidence that comes with knowing you look your best is priceless!

Water   Wood   Fire   Earth   Metal
A Unique Five Element Color System

This process contains nearly twice as many color swatches than a seasonal palette; is more accurate for the client and requires a consultant with extensive training, experience and expertise. It is comparable to using a custom clothing designer to make you a dress that will fit your every curve and proportion exactly, instead of buying a dress off the rack. The custom dress would fit you and only you perfectly--as will the custom palette.

* We use the Fashion Feng Shui® style language based on nature's 5 elements - Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal. Each expresses and attracts different energies. You will be shown how to attract the energy you want through your choices of color.

Custom Color Analysis

Color Palette A Custom Color Analysis is a complete complementing wardrobe color guide that is pre-set in 16 different visual and energetic 'types' reflecting natures five elements. This state-of-the-art advancement in color analysis offers greater accuracy than the original 4 seasonal types used in the 70's and 80's. Palettes are made of approximately 60 'fashion fabric' swatches or 'fan' that contains the best hues, values and color resonance to flatter your unique coloring along with your exact body colors, and fit into a slim carry case that slips into your purse or pocket. Carry it when you shop for clothing, makeup, glasses, and anything else you will wear on your body.

All the colors will flatter you and align with your visual energy. They will co-ordinate easily to facilitate simplified wardrobe planning. Even if you have had a color analysis in the past, we promise you will be thrilled with the 'whole person' approach of the Essential Colors® palette which is chosen not only to compliment your natural coloring but to reflect your unique 'essence'.

Essential Body ColorsTM

Body Color Body colors are your exact hair, eye, skin, and *blush colors made into a custom fan. Hair colors (including highlights and variations) are ideal for coats, suits, pants, shorts, shoes, and boots. Eye colors are gorgeous for earrings, necklaces, suits, sweaters, jackets, tops, scarves, pashminas, and dresses. Skin colors and their variations are great for choosing skin toned undergarments (they disappear) and for choosing powder and foundation makeup. Deeper variations of your skin tones are wonderful for sandals, shoes, or as an elegant neutral. 'Blush' colors are your optimal red range for blush and lip colors. When you repeat your natural visual design in your clothing, you intensify and celebrate your unique coloration. The results are beautiful.

Choosing wall colors for your bedroom or bath? Use the body color fan to choose colors that make your skin look beautiful.

"It was a pleasure to have Andrea teach a Day of Fashion Feng Shui at the Center for Feng Shui and Intuitive arts. it was lots of fun and she shared so much of her passion and her deep knowledge and experience, you leave wanting more." ~Peg Donahue, The Center for Feng Shui and Intuitive Arts

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